3 Fun & Sexy Halloween Costumes featuring Yandy

yandy sinister spellcaster costume

Who doesn’t love Halloween? Halloween is the perfect time of year to transform yourself into whatever character you desire. It’s always fun to play a character for one night, and you can really get into it by putting your creativity and imagination to work.

One of my favorite places for Halloween costumes (plus swim and lingerie!) is Yandy.com. You can find anything from a fun look that’s perfect for trick or treating, to something much more daring and sexy. They even have a DIY Shop that lets you pick and choose pieces to create your own unique costume.

I picked out three of my favorite costumes from Yandy’s 2019 collection to try on so you can see how they fit and look!

The Magical Student

yandy sinister spellcaster costume

This Sinister Spellcaster Costume speaks to my Slytherin soul. It’s so cute and comfortable! A crop top and skirt combination is always sexy, and the schoolgirl is a classic Halloween costume choice. It’s also styled with a short, black cape that provides a little more upper body coverage. I’m really loving this deep, jewel toned green (which is so striking), and the high waist covers up the area that makes many of us feel insecure. Of course, I had to complete this magical costume with a wand, but you can complete the look with any schoolgirl or Harry Potter related accessories. This costume is perfect for a party – you can really get into character and have fun casting spells all night!

The Rebel Officer

yandy officer lauren order costume

This Officer Lauren Order Costume is so much fun! The black jumpsuit looks flattering on many different body types, and the waist cincher belt (with the cute handcuffs) breaks up the lines by highlighting your waist. The police patches are a unique touch and I love the matching hat. And I obviously needed the quintessential handcuffs to fully complete the look. The cop is another one of those costumes that lets you play a really fun character for the evening. Who doesn’t love to take charge of party-goers?

The Undercover Worker

yandy scary scoops costume

I’m a Stranger Things fan, so I had to pick this Yandy Scary Scoops Costume. Even if you’re not into the show, a sailor costume is always a cute option. This whole look is really flirty, with my favorite part being the striped top showing off a pop of cleavage – just enough to keep it sexy. The show is still so popular that you’ll be able to wear this costume anywhere and everyone will know exactly who you are, and you can really capitalize on the character by getting really creative with how you choose to accessorize it. But at the very least, it gives you an excuse to eat all the ice cream you want for the evening.

If you haven’t gotten your costume yet, don’t stress. There’s still time to shop Yandy and get your costume before Halloween! Hurry over to Yandy.com to start creating your sexy or scary look!

Don’t forget to use code “thekellyroberts20” for 20% off your entire order at Yandy!

Would you wear a sexy Halloween costume? Which look was your favorite? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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