Manifest An Amazing 2021 By Focusing On Self-Love ft. Yandy

yandy gray jogger set

If you’ve seen my new Youtube channel on Law of Attraction, then you’re probably familiar with manifestation. If not, don’t worry because although it may sound complicated, it is actually pretty simple. The premise is this – set the intention for what you want, affirm that you will be receiving it, and then let go of the worry and it will come to you. Ask. Believe. Receive. Having a positive mindset is the key to getting the Law of Attraction to work for you. We are all manifesting with or without realizing it. If you believe that bad things happen to you, then bad things will happen to you. If you believe that good things happen to you, then good things will happen to you. That’s where self-love comes in. If you can truly love yourself, this will give you the confidence and mindset needed to bring in all types of abundance.

What is self-love and how do you practice it?

Self-love is knowing you are worthy, whole, and complete. Not accepting anything less than you deserve. Taking care of yourself and setting boundaries. Accepting your shortcomings and loving yourself for who you are. 

If you want to manifest romantic love, you can start by finding that love within yourself. Take yourself on a date, or treat yourself to gifts you would want from a partner. Yandy is the perfect place to shop for a sexy gift that will make you feel like your best, most beautiful self. 

yandy gray jogger set

Something as simple as buying yourself cute pajamas can make you feel pampered. I love the Yandy Why Knit Jogger Set for that exact reason – it’s super soft and comfy, and I like feeling cute even if there’s no one else around to see me.

yandy black pajama set

Getting your beauty sleep is another important part of self-love. Sleep is very important for your overall health, and feeling well-rested makes you a much more productive and happier person. If you want to manifest a successful career in 2021, you will need to make sure you are getting enough sleep and not getting burnt out. I also love the On Cloud Fine Pajama Set – perfect for getting a good night’s rest while also feeling sexy. The black lace detail down the sides of the bottoms and on the back of the top is super cute.

Act As If You Already Have It

yandy sparkle teddy

If you want something, according to the Law Of Attraction, you should act as if you already have it and it will come to you. Confidence is the key here, and what better way to feel confident than with lingerie? I paired this black bodysuit with this sheer, sparkly teddy to create a sexy, retro look. This outfit could easily be worn out or as lingerie, but wherever I choose to wear it, I definitely feel the self-love. Even wearing sexy lingerie under clothes when no one else will see it can make you feel sexier and more confident. This self-love radiates and the people you are trying to attract will be able to feel that and will be magnetically drawn to you. 

yandy rhinestone mask

No matter what you are manifesting in 2021, don’t forget to stay safe by wearing a mask. I love this gorgeous rhinestone face mask – if I have to wear a mask I might as well look cute while doing it! What are you manifesting in 2021? Don’t forget to use code kellyroberts20 for 20% off your Yandy purchase!

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