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Weekend Getaway at Harrah’s Atlantic City

By thekellyroberts | September 1, 2019 | 0 Comments
harrahs atlantic city

I recently traveled to NYC to visit one of my best friends, Tyler, and we decided to take a little weekend trip to Atlantic City while I was there. I had never been to Atlantic City, so I was excited to see what the “East Coast Vegas” had to offer. We stayed at Harrah’s Resort […]

3 Types of Bodysuits Styled For 3 Different Looks: Featuring Yandy

By thekellyroberts | July 31, 2019 | 0 Comments

Bodysuits have been a hot trend lately and it looks like they are here to stay. I love bodysuits because they are very easy to mix and match with different skirts, shorts, and pants to create different looks. They are also very flattering because they hug your curves and nip in your waist. You can […]

Affordable Fashion Finds: Femme Luxe Finery Review

By thekellyroberts | July 23, 2019 | 0 Comments

Femme Luxe Finery recently reached out to me to review some of their clothing. I was excited to work with a UK-based store because I used to live in England, and in my opinion, they have the best fashion around. I have also been very sick of shopping at the mall lately, so I’ve been […]

How To Feel Confident In A Bikini

By thekellyroberts | May 23, 2019 | 0 Comments

I’ll be perfectly honest – I have always had body issues. I don’t think many women can say they haven’t felt insecure about their body at some point in their life. But 2019 is all about loving yourself and feeling confident in your own skin, so let’s embrace it! There are some easy ways to […]

Fashion Must Haves For Spring 2019

By thekellyroberts | April 28, 2019 | 0 Comments

I love Spring fashion because it means new trends and bright colors and patterns. I always go through the clothes I had stored away during the winter and sell or donate what I don’t want anymore so I can make room for new styles. There are a lot of really fun trends I’ve been seeing […]

Things To Do In Malibu On A Budget

By thekellyroberts | March 17, 2019 | 2 Comments

Have you ever wanted to live like the rich and famous for a weekend but just don’t have the budget for a lavish lifestyle? It is definitely possible to experience Malibu on a budget and take a peek into the lives of celebrities. Accommodation Airbnb – $190/night split between 2 people for 2 nights We […]

Thyme Honey & Dijon Glazed Chicken with Ancient Foods Gourmet Ingredients

By thekellyroberts | February 12, 2019 | 0 Comments

I’m no chef, but I do love to cook. I’m always looking for new recipes to try out (usually on Pinterest) that are quick and simple to make because I’m always in a rush. I figure if I combine a few good quality ingredients, I can whip up something that’s going to taste really good […]

Classically Glam Valentine’s Day Lingerie

By thekellyroberts | January 27, 2019 | 0 Comments

You probably have some ideas in mind when you think of lingerie for Valentine’s Day – red, pink, satin, lace – but everyone has their own style. Yandy came up with 4 “V-Day Vixens” to help you find the best lingerie for your personal style. I chose the Classic Glam look because I tend to […]

How to Choose a New Year’s Dress Based on Your Style

By thekellyroberts | December 30, 2018 | 2 Comments

Everyone has their own idea of what a New Year’s outfit should look like, but one thing is for certain – this is the time to wear something decadent that you wouldn’t wear on any old night out. You can dress as extravagantly as you please because everyone will be dressed to the nines. Of […]

Fill Your Christmas Stocking with…Stockings!

By thekellyroberts | December 19, 2018 | 0 Comments

When you were a kid, getting socks for Christmas was THE WORST. But stockings are the grown up, much more fun, distant cousins of socks that the special female in your life would love to get for Christmas. If you’re stuck on ideas for stocking stuffers this year, or just want to treat yourself, then […]