How to Take Care of Your Lips During Chapped Lip Season

lique hemp oil balm

1. Drink enough water.

If you want to keep your lips smooth and hydrated, the first step should always be to make sure that you’re drinking enough water. Water has numerous positive benefits to your overall health and well-being, including keeping your skin plump and moisturized even during the brutal winter months. In general, try to shoot for six to eight glasses a day.

2. Don’t lick your lips.

Licking your lips may feel like a quick and easy way to gain some relief but doing so can actually dry your lips out more. Stopping licking your lips can definitely help you on your journey to moisturized, soft lips during chapped lip season.

3. Turn down the space heater.

A space heater can provide vital warmth during a chilly winter, but the dry heat that comes from it can actually be worse for your lips than cold winter air! So make sure you’re watching your space heater usage, and try to limit it.

lique hemp oil balm

4. Liberally apply your favorite lip balm.

The best way to keep your lips moisturized is by applying an emollient, hydrating lip balm. My favorite lip balm is the Hemp Oil Lip Balm from Lique Cosmetics, which not only sooths dry lips and protects against chapping, but it also provides a hint of non-sticky color to bring a bit more life to your skin. 

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