Making Face Masks Sexy With Yandy

yandy red lace babydoll set

Who could have imagined that wearing face masks would become the norm? Unfortunately, it’s what we need to do for now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with it. I really like how people are getting creative and fashionable with their mask choices. It’s the new way to express yourself! Matching your mask to your outfit kind of makes all of this a little more bearable, I think. 

Of course, you don’t have to wear a mask while at home, but have you thought about bringing masks into the bedroom? Yandy’s sexy face masks can be worn out in public or in your own home and paired with gorgeous lingerie. I chose a few different lingerie looks and some masks that I thought matched well with them to give you some inspiration. Feel free to come up with a unique combination that suits your personal style! 

Lady In Red

yandy red lace babydoll set

Red is a classic color for lingerie and this babydoll set has a vintage glam feel to it. The lace and mesh are very delicate and have a luxurious feel. Doll yourself up – curl your hair, do a glamorous makeup look and maybe even put on some heels. This is a go-to outfit for a special occasion. You can add a more edgy vibe to the outfit with a studded face mask, available in red, black, and white. This mask is so versatile and can match well with a lot of different looks.

Playful Playboy Bunny 

yandy black chemise and playboy mask

Channel your inner Playboy bunny with this Playboy logo face mask. You can choose from a few different options like the plain black with a single logo that I’m wearing, or an all-over logo print. This mask goes great with a lot of different lingerie options and outfits, but I chose to pair it with this black chemise set. This set is great for when you want to be comfy but sexy at the same time, with lightweight material and soft lacy cups. 

Go Wild For Animal Print

yandy leopard teddy and leopard mask

I think we can all agree that Tiger King has brought animal print back on trend, and I am here for it! I love the leopard print on the Lusty Lynx Mesh Teddy, the flattering cut, and sexy straps down the front. I paired it with a Leopard Print Face Mask for an all over-leopard print look. If you’re feeling particularly bold, I could see wearing the teddy with black skinny jeans for a night out (after this is all over, of course). It’s so cute you’ll want to show it off! Animal print is here to stay.

Would you try out more seductive, daring masks or wear them at home with lingerie? From sparkles, to funny slogans, neon, and more, there are a ton of different mask options to choose from! Take a look at all of the options available at Yandy and don’t forget to check out the lingerie as well. Use code kellyroberts20 for 20% off your order!

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Quarantine & Chill: Do Your Part And #StayInWithYandy

tiger queen yandy robe tiger king spoof

It goes without saying that we are all under a lot of stress right now due to the impact of COVID-19 around the globe. You might feel helpless, but there is at least one thing you can do to make a difference, and that is STAY HOME! It might not be the most exciting thing in the world, but it is super important that everyone does their part and practices social distancing. 

That being said, there’s no reason you can’t have fun at home by yourself. And while everyone may be lounging around in oversized sweatpants, you can still choose to look cute if you want to! I’m choosing to #StayInWithYandy and lounge around my house in style. I’m sharing with you a few different looks that are perfect for Quarantine & Chill. 

Tiger Queen

tiger queen yandy robe tiger king spoof

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of (and hopefully have watched!) Tiger King on Netflix. I am obsessed! Catching up on TV and movies has been a top priority for me during the last couple of weeks and this series is one you don’t want to miss. I won’t give it away, but I really enjoyed channeling my inner Tiger King for this photo! I love the tiger pattern of the Gisela Tigress Robe and how cute yet comfy it is – perfect for prancing around your house feeling fabulous. 

yandy tiger romper

Underneath the robe I am wearing the matching Gisela Tiger Romper which has a super cute strappy back and lacy details on the front. Just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you can’t still dress sexy! Have some fun playing dress-up by yourself or send some cheeky snaps to someone special. I love the shape of this romper – it’s very flattering and accentuates an hourglass figure. 

Bookworm Babe

yandy long sleeve romper

Did you make a New Years resolution to read more books? Well now’s the time to put your money where your mouth is! Me? I just read Harry Potter over and over… The Black Eyelet Long Sleeve Romper is just the cozy but cute piece to curl up in while you read your favorite book. I paired it with these black Ruffle Trim Ankle Socks to keep my toesies warm. All I need is a mug of hot chocolate and I’m settled in for the night. 

How have you chosen to spend your time while under quarantine? I hope you are all staying safe and healthy, and keeping your minds occupied to reduce stress during these crazy times. Now is the perfect time to do a bit of online shopping and treat yourself. Use code kellyroberts20 for 20% off your order at Yandy

Don’t forget to check in on friends and family! It’s so important to keep in touch with loved ones and friends right now. Loneliness can be very hard on anyone, no matter who they are, so give them a call and see how they’re doing. Everyone can use a little boost from talking to someone they care about.

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3 Valentine’s Day Looks Featuring Yandy

yandy white long sleeve bodysuit

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit to impress your boo? Yandy has the best selection of Valentine’s Day lingerie around – including everything from pretty animal prints to provacative vinyl. If you’re going on a Valentine’s date, what better way to set the tone than to incorporate your lingerie into you outfit? As a bonus, you don’t even have to change when you get home! It’s also very trendy right now to wear lingerie as clothes, and so many pieces can be worn both in and out of the bedroom. Bodysuits are my favorite right now because they are so versatile and easy to style into an outfit.

White Long Sleeve Teddy

yandy white long sleeve bodysuit

This long sleeve teddy is your not so ~basic~ basic. You can layer it over your favorite bra for a look that is sexy but not too revealing. Put your own twist on it to bring out your personality – which your partner will obviously love. I call this look “otherworldly rave”! I can see myself wearing this at a hip, futuristic bar. But it could also be worn with a pair of skinny jeans and a cardigan for a more toned down look.

Black Turtleneck Bodysuit

yandy black turtleneck bodysuit

Just like the white teddy, this black turtleneck bodysuit can be dressed up or down very easily. High necklines can be just as sexy, or even sexier, than low necklines! Especially since this piece is sheer. I paired it with skinny jeans to keep it simple since the top is really the main feature of the outfit. This bodysuit would also look really cool with a more strappy type of bra or lacy bralette.

Harnessed Bodysuit

yandy bondage bodysuit

For those that are really daring, bring out your wild side with a harnessed bodysuit. Valentine’s Day is all about living out your fantasies, so why not go all out? I paired the bodysuit with a faux leather skirt, but there are endless possibilities for you to get creative with your outfit. I think it would also look great contrasting with something more feminine like tulle. No matter how you choose to style it, this bodysuit is sure to grab your partner’s attention.

There are so many different looks to choose from when it comes to Valentine’s Day outfits. Just remember to be true to yourself and your style! Wearing lingerie isn’t just for your partner, it’s also for yourself and you should enjoy it, whatever you choose to wear. Maximize your confidence and step out in something that makes you feel like your best self. 

Yandy also has a ton of fun lingerie costumes because dressing up isn’t just for Halloween. Embrace the fantasy side of Valentine’s Day and live out your wildest dreams. Whether you fancy yourself a wizarding school student, a damsel in distress, or a French maid, there’s something for you. As always, use code ‘kellyroberts20’ for 20% off your order! 

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Femme Luxe Finery Dress Review

femme luxe rust dress

Last summer I reviewed some clothing from Femme Luxe Finery and I’m happy to share that I am working with them again to show you some of their super cute dresses. Femme Luxe Finery offers affordable fashion ranging from casual to clubwear. They are based in England, and England has the best fashion – in my opinion, anyway! I especially like how their clothing seems to be designed for a curvier body and really accentuate an hourglass figure. 

I will admit that I don’t wear dresses all that often, but I really want to start wearing them more. I tend to lean more toward tomboy, but I do like to dress up and get fancy every once in awhile. I selected one sweater dress and a few more clubby dresses since I live in Arizona and winter is already almost over for me. You can never have too many cute dresses in your closet! 

Rust Ribbed Mini Dress

femme luxe rust dress

The cut of this mini dress is super flattering and makes it look a lot more expensive than it actually is. I was a little worried about how the rust color would look against my pasty skin, but I think it still looks good, though a tan wouldn’t hurt! I really like the ribbed fabric because it helps to conceal any lumps and bumps you might have rather than just a plain fabric. This dress will definitely be a go-to for me this coming Spring and Summer. It could be worn at a daytime pool party (think Vegas!), or out to a bar at night. This is an excellent addition to your summer travel wardrobe.

Pink Oversized Sweater Dress

femme luxe sweater dress

I’ve been wanting a sweater dress all winter, so I was excited to finally try one. This sweater dress is very soft and cozy, and is long enough for even a tall person like me to wear to the office or out and about. Femme Luxe has a great selection of knitted dresses to keep you warm, but stylish all winter-long. This dress would look great with thigh high boots and a belt to highlight your waist. Being comfortable is really important to me in my everyday life, so a chunky sweater dress is a perfect staple to my closet. 

Black Faux Leather Bodycon Dress

femme luxe leather dress

I felt like Posh Spice while wearing this dress! An all (faux) leather look is undeniably sexy and will always be in style. This bodycon dress is sure to turn heads on any night out. I love the skinny straps – it reminds me of 90s fashion, which is certainly in right now. It’s impossible to not feel like your most confident self while wearing this dress. Pair it with a choker and some chunky heels for a killer look.

Maroon Velvet Bodycon Dress

femme luxe velvet dress

This dress is on sale right now for only $4! The dark red velvet fabric is perfect for holiday parties but can also be worn throughout the winter. I really like the thicker straps because it means it can be worn with a regular bra. I avoid strapless bras as much as I can! This dress is very figure-hugging and will make you feel like a million bucks. Velvet is such a classic fabric, you will see it around every year. Now is the time to stock up on outfits for the next holiday season since you can’t beat these prices!

All in all, Femme Luxe Finery is a great place to shop for cute going out-outfits and on-trend casual pieces. The prices are really good for trying out new trends without breaking the bank. The quality is pretty good for the price point – for the most part it’s better than what you would find at Forever 21, H&M, or most other fast fashion retailers. I have become so bored of the stores at the mall, it’s great to try out online retailers that have styles you can’t find anywhere else. I am always on the hunt for new trends to try. I also like that their models are curvier than what you normally see and their clothes flatter more voluptuous figures. If this applies to you, you should definitely try out Femme Luxe Finery!

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