Manifest An Amazing 2021 By Focusing On Self-Love ft. Yandy

yandy gray jogger set

If you’ve seen my new Youtube channel on Law of Attraction, then you’re probably familiar with manifestation. If not, don’t worry because although it may sound complicated, it is actually pretty simple. The premise is this – set the intention for what you want, affirm that you will be receiving it, and then let go of the worry and it will come to you. Ask. Believe. Receive. Having a positive mindset is the key to getting the Law of Attraction to work for you. We are all manifesting with or without realizing it. If you believe that bad things happen to you, then bad things will happen to you. If you believe that good things happen to you, then good things will happen to you. That’s where self-love comes in. If you can truly love yourself, this will give you the confidence and mindset needed to bring in all types of abundance.

What is self-love and how do you practice it?

Self-love is knowing you are worthy, whole, and complete. Not accepting anything less than you deserve. Taking care of yourself and setting boundaries. Accepting your shortcomings and loving yourself for who you are. 

If you want to manifest romantic love, you can start by finding that love within yourself. Take yourself on a date, or treat yourself to gifts you would want from a partner. Yandy is the perfect place to shop for a sexy gift that will make you feel like your best, most beautiful self. 

yandy gray jogger set

Something as simple as buying yourself cute pajamas can make you feel pampered. I love the Yandy Why Knit Jogger Set for that exact reason – it’s super soft and comfy, and I like feeling cute even if there’s no one else around to see me.

yandy black pajama set

Getting your beauty sleep is another important part of self-love. Sleep is very important for your overall health, and feeling well-rested makes you a much more productive and happier person. If you want to manifest a successful career in 2021, you will need to make sure you are getting enough sleep and not getting burnt out. I also love the On Cloud Fine Pajama Set – perfect for getting a good night’s rest while also feeling sexy. The black lace detail down the sides of the bottoms and on the back of the top is super cute.

Act As If You Already Have It

yandy sparkle teddy

If you want something, according to the Law Of Attraction, you should act as if you already have it and it will come to you. Confidence is the key here, and what better way to feel confident than with lingerie? I paired this black bodysuit with this sheer, sparkly teddy to create a sexy, retro look. This outfit could easily be worn out or as lingerie, but wherever I choose to wear it, I definitely feel the self-love. Even wearing sexy lingerie under clothes when no one else will see it can make you feel sexier and more confident. This self-love radiates and the people you are trying to attract will be able to feel that and will be magnetically drawn to you. 

yandy rhinestone mask

No matter what you are manifesting in 2021, don’t forget to stay safe by wearing a mask. I love this gorgeous rhinestone face mask – if I have to wear a mask I might as well look cute while doing it! What are you manifesting in 2021? Don’t forget to use code kellyroberts20 for 20% off your Yandy purchase!

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How to Take Care of Your Lips During Chapped Lip Season

lique hemp oil balm

1. Drink enough water.

If you want to keep your lips smooth and hydrated, the first step should always be to make sure that you’re drinking enough water. Water has numerous positive benefits to your overall health and well-being, including keeping your skin plump and moisturized even during the brutal winter months. In general, try to shoot for six to eight glasses a day.

2. Don’t lick your lips.

Licking your lips may feel like a quick and easy way to gain some relief but doing so can actually dry your lips out more. Stopping licking your lips can definitely help you on your journey to moisturized, soft lips during chapped lip season.

3. Turn down the space heater.

A space heater can provide vital warmth during a chilly winter, but the dry heat that comes from it can actually be worse for your lips than cold winter air! So make sure you’re watching your space heater usage, and try to limit it.

lique hemp oil balm

4. Liberally apply your favorite lip balm.

The best way to keep your lips moisturized is by applying an emollient, hydrating lip balm. My favorite lip balm is the Hemp Oil Lip Balm from Lique Cosmetics, which not only sooths dry lips and protects against chapping, but it also provides a hint of non-sticky color to bring a bit more life to your skin. 

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The Best Yandy Halloween Costumes of 2020

yandy joe exotic halloween costume

It’s that time of year again! Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday and I never miss an opportunity to go all out with my Halloween costumes. 2020 has been quite the year so I am sure we can expect to see some pretty outrageous costumes this year. As always, Yandy has the BEST Halloween costumes around. There are so many different directions you can go – scary, sexy, pop culture references, movie characters, or any of the classics. I tend to prefer the funny pop culture costumes, but there are great options for all different types of costumes! 

Tiger Queen

yandy tiger king costume
yandy joe exotic halloween costume

Would it really be Halloween 2020 without a sexy Tiger King-inspired costume? Complete with a sequined bodysuit, choker, leg garter, ‘Tiger Queen’ baseball cap, and a furry tiger friend on the shoulder, this is a showstopper of a Halloween costume. I paired it with some leather boots and a toy gun to really add to the country vibe. I also happened to have a tiger stuffed animal that was the perfect addition! This is a costume that you will remember fondly for years to come because it really is iconic. I doubt you will find a better Joe Exotic costume out there because this one blows them all out of the water!

Fake News

yandy fake news costume

It’s election season again, so what better way to stay relevant than a Fake News costume? This is the perfect last-minute costume because it’s super easy to wear and you know it will get a good laugh. The dress itself is very flattering and comfortable, and the sexy secretary glasses are the perfect accessory to go with it. No matter your political beliefs, you can rock this costume!

Black Hearted Witch

yandy witch halloween costume

You can’t go wrong with a witch costume! I love the off-the-shoulder dress and the pentagram belt makes it a little edgier than your standard witch outfit. I paired it with spider web pantyhose and a witch’s broom to complete the look. Honestly, I love the dress so much I would probably wear it without the accessories just on a normal night out! There are so many ways to spice up this witch costume and give it your own personal touch. Make it extra spooky and get creative with your makeup, or stick with a more sultry, vampy look. 

No matter what kind of Halloween costume you choose this year, let your inner confidence shine through! It’s all about living out your fantasies for one night and having fun. Whether you dream of being a superhero or a villain, an angel or a devil, or something entirely of your own creation, just remember to own it! Confidence is your best accessory. 

Yandy has options for everyone, including plus-size and men’s costumes. They have every type of costume under the sun, so you’re sure to find something you will love! Take a look and let me know what you decide to wear this year. I would love to hear all of your costume ideas. Don’t forget to use my discount code ‘kellyroberts20’ to get 20% off your purchase! 

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How To Feel Sexy While Wearing A Face Mask Ft. Yandy

yandy black lace robe

You may have seen my recent blog post on Making Face Masks Sexy With Yandy. I wanted to do a followup post showing you even more sexy and fun face mask options! It looks like face masks are here to stay for the moment, so we might as well have fun with them, right? You can wear these face masks out in public, or save them for a special moment at home. Whatever you choose to do, you can be sure to feel extra sexy. Whether you prefer sparkles, metallic, or a fun pattern, there’s definitely a face mask out there to suit your style! 

Silver Holographic Face Mask

yandy black lace robe
yandy silver face mask

I paired this eye-catching silver holographic face mask with this gorgeous black eyelash lace robe. I really like the contrast of the flashy silver mask with the delicate lace. The mask is very comfortable to wear and breathable, and the holographic effect makes it look different depending on the light. We might not be able to have parties right now, but wearing this mask will make you feel like you’re at a disco! Let the world be your party by wearing a fun mask that will brighten your day.

Gold Twinkle Face Mask

yandy gold metallic face mask

If you love sparkles, then you will love the Twinkle Face Mask. It comes in a bunch of different colors, but I chose gold to pair with the Head Over Heels Teddy. I love the rich gold color, it looks very luxurious and stands out from the crowd. You could definitely wear this mask for a special occasion or even just out to the grocery store if you want to add some style to your outfit! This mask is also very breathable and stretchy, and will be comfortable to wear for an extended amount of time.

Unicorns and Rainbows Face Mask

yandy black chemise
yandy unicorn face mask

Show off your personality with this adorable Girl Crush Spaced Out Face Mask. I paired this cute patterned mask with a simple Midnight Satin Chemise for a sexy but comfy look perfect for a night in with your boo. Who doesn’t love rainbows and unicorns?! Sexy doesn’t always have to be so serious. I like to be silly sometimes too and this face mask is the perfect way to express that. This mask gives me 90s vibes and is totally on trend right now. Wear this mask in public and you’re sure to get loads of compliments! It’s also very soft and breathable, so it’s great for everyday wear. 

What kind of face mask would you prefer? Something more sparkly and flashy, or more cute and girly? I like to have a lot of different options to choose from depending on my mood. Luckily, Yandy has a ton of different face mask options to choose from in every color you could imagine. They have everything from tie dye, to rhinestones and studs, camo, funny sayings, and more. Don’t forget to use code kellyroberts20 for 20% off your order!

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